This area will be expanded as new material becomes available, but for the present if there is historical information that you need regarding the Town of Bloomfield, its residents or houses, please feel free to contact us at the address below or by email at and one of our active historians/ genealogists will try to help you.

The Brown Family and the Brown Drum
The Browns of Wintonbury, Makers of Brown Drums
by Frederick Hesketh, Historian

The Filley Family and Early Tinware
Captain Oliver Filley Family
by Eileen Phelps, Genealogical Historian
A Short Biography of Captain Oliver Filley
by Sharon Steinberg
Ancestors of Jay Humphrey Filley (Ahnentafel Report)
by Janis Langston
Filley Family Tombstone Inscriptions with photographs
by Eileen Phelps, Genealogical Historian; inscriptions
updated to April 2004 & photographs by Janis Langston

Stories of the Houses of Bloomfield Connecticut
108 Tunxis Avenue
by Carol Morrison (1912-1989)

The Pinney Family
Pinney Genealogy from Stiles
by Eileen Phelps, Genealogical Historian

The Rowley (Rowel, Rowly) Family
Rowley Genealogy from various sources
by Lucy Woodford Wirsul, Latimer Hill Cemetery Historian

Other Families
Chris Nielson & Sons: A Family History