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Latimer Hill Cemetery, Headstone & Footstone Inscriptions

Old Wintonbury Cemetery, Headstone & Footstone Inscriptions

Hale Headstone Collection
In 1934, headstone inscriptions were recorded in every cemetery in Connecticut.
  Latimer Hill Cemetery headstones were copied by W.J. Bowden, dated, October 5, 1934.
  By his count, there were 170 headstones .  Thirty-one (31) of the inscriptions were for infants or children under 7 years of age. There were four (4) teenage girls (age 17 or 18) and 9 young womwn in their early 20’s and 3 young men in their 20’s. (a Civil War soldier and 2 who started out on the western trek).
  It was noted that the veterans had a flag at their grave sites.
  I have checked this list against the present day headstones now in the cemetery. As suspected, some of the headstones that were recorded in 1934 are not present, or at least, not visible, now, in 1995. Where they went is another mystery.  Bob Barrett recalled at a meeting one time, that he remembers a group of headstones that could not be repaired or read put into a pile at one corner of the cemetery.  He thinks they were buried.
  I have noted the absence of these headstones on the various lots where they were recorded to be in 1934.  You will note it by my **HHC--- ** (inscription on stone) missing …

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             from: Not Lost - Gone Before and
                     Latimer Hill Cemetery - History and Mysteries
                     by Lucy Woodford Wirsul

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