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Latimer Hill Cemetery Association was first organized May 3, 1906, under the chairmanship of S. Mills.  George Woodford served as Clerk.  The first slate of officers consisted of:
     President: S. Mills
     Vice President: A.A. Viets
     Secretary, Treasurer: George Woodford
     Trustees: Fred Newberry, Herman Rowley

The original members were: Fred C. Newberry, H. J. Rowley, C.D. Ross, Samuel J. Mills, William R. Latimer, A.A. Viets, Ella Tobie, Minnie Newberry, Helen Woodford, Sarah Kallen Brown (representing the Cooper family), Mary J. Woodford and George F. Woodford.

Since the original officers, the following people have served as President:
     1944 – 1950  Robert Barrett
     1950 – 1963  Herman Rowley
     1963 – 1974  Harold L. Woodford
     1974 - 1987  Gertrude M. Woodford
     1987 – present Lucy W. Wirsul

Treasurers have been:
     1906 – 1944 George F. Woodford
     1944 – 1964 Frank Hall
     1964 – 1970 Ivan Moore
     1970 – present Robert Barrett (son of Robert Barrett)

The object of the Association, as stated in its constitution, Article II is:

    “To encourage all persons interested in said cemetery either by owning burial lots or by having friends of relatives buried in said grounds, to unite in some manner to see that the grounds are properly cared for and beautified.”

There are records in the Association minutes to show that, starting 1949, the Association paid for mowing and general care. Up to that date, volunteers did the work necessary to keep the cemetery somewhat cared for. The Association also took responsibility for trying to repair stones broken by vandals and stones that fell, simply due to age.

At present, the Association, consisting of a very few members, continues to pay for the general care and upkeep with the invested general funds. However, the membership is dwindling each year, as are the funds, and new interests need to be found to continue the cemetery care, especially the repair of gravestones.

                 from: Not Lost - Gone Before
                         A History of Latimer Hill Cemetery
                               by Lucy Woodford Wirsul

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